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by admin on February 21, 2012

What Is Traffic Geyser

You are reading this page because you want to learn more about Traffic Geyser. I have been using Traffic Geyser for year and as a full time online entrepreneur who actually does a lot of search engine optimization, I don’t think I could live without this tool. Yes I utilize Traffic Geyser, but I’m not posing this review to try and sell you. That choice is up to you and you only. I’m writing this content to offer you with the benefits and drawbacks of using Traffic Geyser. Let’s get started.

Traffic Geyser is a marketing system that was created by three top online marketers on the planet with one goal in mind. To assist you get your website or blog and content material ranked higher in the organic search engine listings. This software allows you to distribute your content material to many different sites with the click of your computer mouse. These webpages are blog sites, social bookmarking sites, articlesubmission sites, video sharing sites, pod-casting sites and social networking websites. You are able to submit to 84 websites immediately. The tool will submit your content to these specific websites because they make up social media and are very relevant according to major search engines, especially Google.

You save a great deal of time simply by having this software submit your material to all these sites. The tool dominates to all these different locations because search engines like google look at these websites before they rank their search results. By having your stuff in all these places at once you can dominate keyword phrases, products and services in your specific niche market. The makers of the software know SEO well and that is why they put together Traffic Geyser so you can get your information ranked quicker, much easier and actually be found by online users who are hunting for what you provide. Basically the more places that your content can be found the more opportunity you have of being listed higher in the search engine results.

Traffic Geyser Pros

You make use of the amazing effectiveness of social media by using this tool. Your valued time is saved and you get ranked much higher on search engine results for the keywords keyword phrases you are targeting. Traffic Geyser also web hosts your videos, provides you with custom players, hosts your website, updates your RSS channel and gives you access to a members forum and all kinds of valuable trainings course and awesome bonuses you’ll get as a member.

Traffic Geyser Cons

When you first create your account there are some initial actions you must take that are rather dull and boring. In order to get your content distributed to all of these blogs at once, you must first setup an account with each website with a valid email address, user name and password. This takes you a couple hours, but the final result is well worth it. The other fact that may scare some people is price. Traffic Geyser cost for using this system is $99 each month, but you can get a discount by purchasing the yearly membership. I believe the investment is worth the award if you actually make use of the system. If you are doing any kind of online marketing and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for pay-per-click go with Traffic Geyser.


If you think this software can be of g you, go and test Traffic Geyser for $1 for the 21days. If you don’t see any results, end your member subscription. If you like what you see then continue using Traffic Geyser, get ranked higher and make some income!


Traffic Geyser

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