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Hey there!

Glad you found my site because you won’t find better Traffic Geyser Bonus anywhere else!

As a matter of fact, currently no one else is offering any quality bonuses at all.


What I’m offering here is something that everybody who uses Traffic Geyser absolutely needs. Traffic Geyser themselves are selling it for $97 as you can see below.

Traffic Geyser Pre-configured Profile

Traffic Geyser is the best program for getting more traffic and simply incredible for ranking your websites to #1 in Google but there’s only one thing that can be a pain in the butt. In order to submit your videos or articles, you do need to create a profile for each of the following sites:

  • Video Sites (20)
  • Podcast Sites (4)
  • Blog Sites (5)
  • Social Bookmarking Sites (15)
  • Status Sites (9)
  • Article Sites (12)

That’s a total of 65 sites!

Traffic Geyser Pre-Build Profile

If you start creating those profiles on Saturday morning, I’ll bet that everybody in your family will already be sleeping by the time you finish creating those profiles!

Basically your whole day is gone!

Smart marketers just need to outsource this kind of mindless job and focus on what you’re good at.

Well, for a very limited time, my Traffic Geyser bonus is this: “A Pre-configured Profile” to save you from wasting that precious whole day.

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FACT: Traffic Geyser lets you reclaim your time by automatically submitting  content to dozens of websites for you.

DOUBLE FACT: You save even MORE time when you use a pre-built profile…the logins and passwords for all those websites are created for you, AHEAD OF TIME!

It’s already done for you!

These profiles are perfect when starting a new project or taking on a new client. WE do all the set-up, YOU sell it as a premium service!

How to Claim Your Traffic Geyser Bonus:

Just forward your receipt to admin @ with the subject: Traffic Geyser Pre-configured Profile Bonus

Important: Your bonus will be delivered right after the 21day trial period is over.

Good luck!

Nick Sasaki




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